Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Is the MLB Too Good for the Suicide Squeeze?

       After watching so many close extra inning games I cannot seem to think of one where I saw a team perform a suicide squeeze play.  I watched the Pirates play the Cardinals last night and I saw two opportunities where this risky play could have been the big payoff to victory.  This raises the question, are teams just too good for the suicide squeeze?  It really seems to be just that!  We see these guys go out there on the field and bomb home runs, but you are telling me that they cannot coordinate a one run play?  The small ball style of baseball has slowly been dying and managers rely on their guys to go out and get those big hits.  The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward and in the end of the season this one play could mean playoffs or not.  Come October teams may look back and wonder “what if we put the sign on and went for it all?”  These guys are paid big money to smack the ball over the fence and come up with big hits day in and out.  When it comes down to it though a little small ball can go a long way.  The rush and excitement when that man starts charging down the third baseline is one that makes everyone sit on the edge of their seats and hold their breathe.